Outfit of the day, May 7th.

Sometimes posting outfits feels too much like I am presenting a look “Here, this is my style, this is my way of dressing” and that bothers me, because style isn’t something that is concrete. You make mistakes and you learn from them, and you change, because you are a human and that is the way of things. So sometimes I am reluctant to post, because it feels too definitive, and I am just trying something out, it isn’t a statement of anything. I am merely trying to get dressed in the way I feel best, the way that suits me that particular day. I am human, I am in flux, it’s okay to just experiment, and I don’t have to keep to any “look” except for being true to myself at any given time.

Shirt: J Crew

Shorts: Modcloth

Tie: my dad’s

Collar Clips: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DapperandSwag

Outfit of the day: March 19th. These collar clips are great, such a interesting change from a tie. The pin backs seem a little wobbly, but I have not had any trouble with them staying attached. Other than that, they are well made and lovely.

Shirt: Forever 21

Waistcoat: thrifted

Collar clips:https://www.etsy.com/shop/DapperandSwag

Jeans: JC Penny

Socks: Sock Dreams

Shoes: thrifted

Outfit of the day for March 1st ( how is to March already!)

Hello internet, my hair is gone, kinda regret it but C’est la vie and all that. These shorts are the best thing and I keep wearing them all the time. I took the pictures this time hence the…difference in quality, do quite like the last one though.

Shorts: Modcloth

Sweater: Woolovers

Tie: thrifted

Shirt: thrifted

Shoes: Natasha’s Cafe